Drone On About Surfing

29 11 2011

Here’s my favorite way to check out the surf.  Some people call them RC planes (yeah right).  Others call them drones.

Example:  Looking for terror at Salt Creek.

When you get done watching this one, check out the other videos on the calypsoyak YouTube channel.

Looking at Creek from this view,  you can see the reef and kelp beds just offshore.  It gives you a good sense of why The Point and Gravels break the way they do.  While this was a small day, you can see where to sit next time that south swell wraps in.

One suggestion.  I think he needs to upgrade to real time, infrared camera technology.   Then, we can do a pre-dawn check and simultaneously look for that great white just outside the lineup.

Who Says Corona del Mar Doesn’t Have Surf?

9 11 2011

My friend Keith showed me how to use the time lapse feature on my GoPro Hero.   What a great trick for a cheap specialty camera.

Here’s a clip of sunset at Corona del Mar, mixed with some photos of Big Corona in April 2007 during that huge swell that swamped out the rest of the spots on the coast.  Enjoy!

Slater Slated to Win

3 11 2011

Just gotta drop this and run.

Yep, he did it once again.  Number 11 world championship for Kelly Slater.  What an inspiration for those that want to live forever.  Well done Kell!

Here’s the link to the Surfline article.