Not So Smooth Sailing at Salt Creek

24 07 2017

And you thought you got too close to The Point at Salt Creek (one of our near neighbor surf spots).

salt creek sailboat aground

Source: Salt Creek live webcam

Checking the surf using Surfline webcams this morning, we happened across a marine safety response.  What looks to be a couple Dana Point Marina Harbor Patrol boats are assisting a grounded sailboat on The Point at low tide.  A couple hours prior, the tide bottomed out at about -1.38′.

From what I hear from various ocean lifeguards along the Orange County coast, grounding of boats isn’t all that uncommon.  And, it is seldom very clear as to exactly what happened, many times occurring at night.  One can only imagine what would have distracted a pilot from his/her navigational duties long enough to run into the rocks on a relatively clear night, with houses lit up on the beach and 60-foot coastal  bluffs behind them.

Or, maybe they lost their anchor or had a medical emergency that kept them from their duties.  Or, maybe the boat was full of illegal drugs making their way north.  Just very unfortunate all around.  Fortunately, there was little to no surf on this warm, tropical morning.  During the time we were watching, there was no sign of the pilot or anyone else from onboard.  Hopefully, everyone got out safely.

It’s a good thing we haven’t seen this happen at Uppers lately.  It can be a little dangerous for our already sometimes dangerous Crowd.

Smooth sailing!?




Drone On About Surfing

29 11 2011

Here’s my favorite way to check out the surf.  Some people call them RC planes (yeah right).  Others call them drones.

Example:  Looking for terror at Salt Creek.

When you get done watching this one, check out the other videos on the calypsoyak YouTube channel.

Looking at Creek from this view,  you can see the reef and kelp beds just offshore.  It gives you a good sense of why The Point and Gravels break the way they do.  While this was a small day, you can see where to sit next time that south swell wraps in.

One suggestion.  I think he needs to upgrade to real time, infrared camera technology.   Then, we can do a pre-dawn check and simultaneously look for that great white just outside the lineup.