Lowers at Its Worst

23 03 2015

Need I say more?

Take a close look.  Surfline has gone, at least temporarily, to a live HD camera for Lower Trestles.  Note the rolling time stamp below the video frame when you pull it up yourself.

I’m not sure if this is good or bad.  Will it mean more surfers see an uncrowded morning, load up their bikes and race down the trail to load up the “slot” on the point.  Or, will it result in a sort of “self-correcting” whereby surfers see it is already crowded and head to a different beach,  preventing an over-saturated “super crowd.”  Regardless, it feels like a bit of sanctity may be gone with a live feed.

At least we don’t yet have a live feed at our favorite Uppers — yet.

By the way, note in the photo that there is absolutely nobody in the water or on the beach at the moment of the screenshot–at 8:23 in the morning.  It proves my assumption wrong that Trestles always has people in the water even when there are no waves.

At least the honey dipper driver gets the beach to him/herself.  I guess that’s why they are No. 1 in the No. 2 business.

UPDATE:  The Lowers camera seems to be a permanent feature.  And, now Uppers has its own live feed.  To be honest, it can be of some help.  The other day,  I noticed Uppers was sheet glass through the noon hour.  I hopped on my bike and caught some clean, head high, buttery waves for a couple hours, with only about eight people out. Then, the wind picked up.  Not sure I would have caught it without the camera.


Dawn Patrol Clip

16 09 2014

Okay, here it is.  Rob’s video of a few of us Uppers dawn patrollers, via JD’s blog.  Enjoy!

Drone On About Surfing

29 11 2011

Here’s my favorite way to check out the surf.  Some people call them RC planes (yeah right).  Others call them drones.

Example:  Looking for terror at Salt Creek.

When you get done watching this one, check out the other videos on the calypsoyak YouTube channel.

Looking at Creek from this view,  you can see the reef and kelp beds just offshore.  It gives you a good sense of why The Point and Gravels break the way they do.  While this was a small day, you can see where to sit next time that south swell wraps in.

One suggestion.  I think he needs to upgrade to real time, infrared camera technology.   Then, we can do a pre-dawn check and simultaneously look for that great white just outside the lineup.

The Trail to Trestles

6 12 2009

Join us as we take a quick ride down the bike path from the parking lot to the world famous Trestles surfing beach.

Of course if the toll road had been built, this trail probably wouldn’t exist anymore.

Enjoy the ride.  Watch out for pedestrians!