The Blob Fish — Swimmingly Handsome

24 09 2010

Check out the new Blob Fish Page.    Just click above in the secondary banner.

I added it because I’ve been getting so many hits from people searching for Bob the Blob.

If you Google “blob fish,” you find that the first photo shown is Trestles Surf Crowd.  So, we’re a “hit.”



Kelly Is Swell at the 2010 Hurley Pro

19 09 2010

Kelly Slater pulled off a huge win at the 2010 Hurley Pro.

Looks like he is on his way to the first-ever tenth world title by a professional surfer.

Not only did Kelly win it, the competition was tight among the 36 competitors.  Here are the results as reported by Surfline.  A lot of great scores in a lot of great waves.

Now back to a little peace and quiet on Sunday morning.  Hopefully, the Crowd can get back to normal.

Hurley Pro — The Parallel Universe

19 09 2010

Is it me?  Or is there a whole ‘nother group of people invading the beach during professional surfing events at Lowers?

On Friday, the sixth day of the 2010 Hurley Pro, I was walking up the trail and came across a ton of “visitors.”

There was the older (forties) former beach babe with the younger (20-something) boyfriend.  There was the 40-something metrosexual guy walking down the hill, with his arms folded and shuffling his feet, mumbling, totally oblivious to the rest of the world.  There were the several groups of city folks.  Then, there was the “overly-friendly” guy who wanted a rundown on the waves while I packed my board in my car in the parking lot.  He had his hot girlfriend in the car, but he was obviously not there to surf; he was there to rub elbows with the pros.

None of these folks were carrying boards or wetsuits–strange for 8:00 on a Friday morning on the trail to Trestles.

Then it hit me.  The Hurley Pro is in town.

I think it is safe to say that surf contests really aren’t for local surfers.  It is mostly a mix of the traveling pros, corporate sponsors, and the groupies that want to feel like they are part of the surf scene by going to the contests.

While all of us who carry our sorry rears out of bed long before sunrise, especially during swells, are focused on our personal sessions, there is a parallel universe hovering around Lowers that has nothing to do with the waves and the Crowd.

Aren’t you just glad it’s only a couple times a year for a week at a time?

What to Do While Work is Cancelled?

14 09 2010

Oh well.  Another bye day for the Hurley Pro.

“Kelly, now what do we do with the downtime?  I don’t know Taj — I’m gonna go play my video game.   Then, I hear KFC is having a special on popcorn chicken. ”

Source: State Park website

While some of the pro’s are looking to feed the flesh elsewhere, some “selected” pro’s will be at the Meet and Greet at San Clemente Park on Wednesday night.  Sounds like a great chance to get to know our “icons.”  Wouldn’t it be great if they all showed up.  The kids would love it.  [More on the Hurley Pro website]

Hopefully, the Hurley Pro will be back at work on Wednesday.  We don’t want them to have to extend the finals into more days, waiting for more waves.   The Crowd gets antsy when you take away their waves for days on end, especially when there is a swell.

Its a Bye for the Hurley Pro Today!

14 09 2010

I wish I could pick when to work.  That’s what the sponsors did today.   No work!

Hurley Pro is Here!

13 09 2010

Seems like Hurley (and their owner Nike) has hit it big this year with their promotions leading up to the big surf contest.

Even if the surf doesn’t show up, they have enough star power credentials to pull it off huge.   Looking down the roster for the first day, it is a virtual who’s who of international surfing.

Walking around town this weekend you could feel the energy.  And, if you were lucky, walking down the street you may have run into Taj Burrow or any of the other top pro’s in town for this one.

With all that said, what has really impressed me this year is the campaign leading up to the first day.  Over the last month, every surfboard and surfwear shop in Southern California (and maybe even other regions) had their windows plastered with the electric blue ads.   All that coverage leaves the public with a sense of something big moving into town.

And, even better than the promotion of the contest was how the campaign tied in the longer term objective of positioning Hurley products, especially their jeans, at the top of the “what’s hot in surf town” list.  Bob, you’ve done a great job of selling your brand, but it is obvious the big money and big minds of Nike are at work.  The colors are warm and friendly.  The message is simple, but bold.  The flag waving is inspiring.

Okay, enough commercialism already.  Being a student of Communications, I just had to marvel at the message . . . and share it.

Tomorrow . . . .  back to the contest.

Oh, and here is the link to the Hurley Pro website.