Yellow-Bellied What?

25 10 2019

That’s right.  It must have been a yellow-bellied sea snake.

That is what I take from my brief conversation with Matt Parker, owner of Album Surfboards, on Tuesday morning (October 23, 2019).  He was getting out of the water in the tidal lagoon early in the morning while I was paddling out.  He very nonchalantly mentioned “I just saw a sea snake.  It was yellow and was just swimming around the lagoon.” (or something like that)

He went on to say it was just under the surface, but not on the surface, of the water.

We both agreed it was strange, but we have seen a lot of  strange stuff at Uppers  (some human and some not so human).

Anyway, with a quick Google search, I found quite a bit about yellow-bellied sea snakes.  You can find an entry in Wikipedia.  It turns out these snakes are found in most tropical regions (warm water) of the oceans, except the Atlantic.  Occasionally, there are even reports of sightings in Southern California.  So there you go.

And yes, they are venomous.  Just hope their mouths are too small to kill humans; hopefully.

Just in case, look out for yellow-bellied sea snakes next time before you join the Crowd for a quick session!