The End of Surfing at Trestles

19 03 2012

Yep.  This is what it looks like — at least up at the parking lot.  Mid-day on a Sunday at the Trestles parking lot.  Really!!!!

Eery--not a car to be found.

Was there an “accident” at nearby San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)?

Did the toll road ruin the rock reef?

Did the Marines move back into their beach home?

Did the great whites move in permanently?

Did global warming move the break up into the San Mateo Creek valley?

I didn’t think I would ever see the day when not even a single novice would show up to try out the surf, with a gaggle of friends.  Usually, even during the week, there is somebody at Trestles — nature walkers, cyclists, dog walkers, high schoolers looking for somewhere to “experiment.”    But, not today.

The clue is in the middle of the photo.  The Carl’s Jr flag.  Today was probably the strongest onshore wind we have seen in years.  40 knots straight out of the northwest.  Unrelenting.  Cold — high just making it to 50.

Don’t you wish it were that easy to park every day?   Not really.  Then we wouldn’t be The Crowd.