Watermen Arrive in Boston Harbor

18 10 2011

A couple weeks ago, surf brother Kieth and I went with our girls and some friends to New England to see the “change of color.”  There was actually more color when we arrived back in South County than we saw in New England, but we got to check out some great surf.

This clip was shot by Keith with his GoPro Hero in time lapse mode, as we approached the cruise terminal on a stormy day.  Trippy!

Some of our most memorable moments were in the Bay of Fundy, listening to the ship’s prop cavitating with each roll over the 15-foot seas.  Next time, we take our boards.  Ruggles (Newport, Rhode Island) looked pretty fun.

Ruggles-between sets

"The Breakers" -- summer home of the Vander Bilts

Trestleglyphs — It’s All Art

16 10 2011

"The Southbound Wall" Under the Freeway

Who says the State is out of money?

Caltrans cleaned their canvas this summer.  They spent multiple days with multiple graffiti control crews (painters) with truck-mounted compressors spraying the concrete support walls under Interstate 5 with cement gray paint.  They probably thought their show of force finally silenced the voice of surfdom.

Not so.  It just provided clearer voices in the form of spray paint, as evidenced on the wall under the southbound lanes.  Pretty classy artwork.

The Northbound Wall Support

More recently, multiple people added some layers to the northbound wall.  Not as artistic; more of a message than art.

The walk into Trestles continues to be the canvas forum for writings of all sorts.  Just don’t spread the paint to the natural environment, please.  The art is much more enjoyable on flat surfaces.  And, it’s probably more effective getting out your message than Occupy Trestles would be.