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This blog  provides information and opinions on issues of importance to surfers who have surfed, or want to surf, the world famous Trestles surfing beach, at the southernmost end of Orange County, California.  Topics will be related to surfing behavioral norms (eg, right of way, pecking order, conversation, language), ratings of surfboards and surfwear, personal stories, political decisions affecting Trestles, and other topics focused on the Trestles surfing experience.

The editor, Norris Brandt, has surfed Trestles for almost 40 years and has crossed paths and swords with thousands of other Trestles surfers; the famous and not so famous, locals and tourists, old and young.  They all share a common experience—the exhilaration of surfing Trestles.

As a side note, Trestles is one of the most crowded surf spots in the world.  So, it has a lot of social tension and controversy, albeit on a small, intense scale.  I expect that a blog may be of interest to a lot of surfers, along with those non-surfers who are curious about what goes on down there.  Several of my Trestles friends have already expressed interest when I introduced my idea to them.  I’m hoping I can prompt you and them into a feedback fray.

By the way, this site is focused on the Upper Trestles Crowd.  Maybe someone will want to do the same for Lowers.

So, stop by from time to time to see what new content I’ve added.

Oh, and the header photo? —  The “new” trestle at Uppers.  It replaced the old wooden structure after too many years of use and too many fires set by vandals.  As the only coastal rail line connecting LA and San Diego, MetroLink decided the romance of the old wooden trestle couldn’t compensate for the risk of potential failure.

9 responses

8 11 2009

Norris, Like what you are doing.
Add a post &link from your site on
My site.


See you surfing.

17 05 2010

Crowds on Saturday 4-15-10 at 6;00 am were in full swing. Where else in SoCal can you paddle out with 20 + weekend warriors before 6 am.

Surf was fun!


18 09 2012
Carrozza Surfboards

I love crowds!

4 10 2012

Hi Norris

I met you on the walk back from Trestles last week.
I’m the guy from Swansea, Wales, UK. (Check out Crab Island).
I think there were only about 80 guys at that day…
Top site !

14 07 2014
Confessions of a Surfer Girl

Stoked on your blog! I like what you’re doing

30 03 2015

So, Norris, which facebook page do I peruse in order to see our close encounter? For any concerned, I would like to state that I did not notify Norris in advance that I was coming up from behind. I took him by surprise. Its always best to say something when taking off or riding behind.

30 03 2015


Thanks for the kindness. And, just to be clear, I apologize for the indiscretion. Glad nobody got hurt.

21 11 2015
Camsen Joshua Marsh

Norris, I have surfed Trestles for 25 years at least and I have never heard of the 300 yard stretch of unnamed disorganized reef half peek and mostly walled waves between lowers and uppers defined as “lowers”.
Maybe I am not with the times anymore, but in my opinion lowers point is about as obvious as you can get when you refer to spot “lowers”.

What is your take on that stretch? Is that open area still considered “lowers”.

22 11 2015

Great question. I would say Lowers is the point and the point is Lowers. It is even better defined by the “slot” that is usually defined on a South swell by the densely packed line (from inside to outside) of people fighting to catch the center of the a-frame that breaks both left and right. Of course there are always those sitting on the shoulder in both directions too.

The area you are referring to is usually called “Five-O’s”, because when it breaks on a big South swell it can look like the intro shots on the old Hawaii Five-O television show. I understand those intro shots were actually shot of the Waimea Bay shorebreak.

Anyway, hope that helps.

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