Double Barrel — Really?

5 08 2015

Thanks go out to Ruben Pina for the photos in this clip.  Not sure how much PhotoShop he used.

Yes, it really does happen — usually when you aren’t ready for it — a double barrel wave at Upper Trestles.  It seems to only happen when the swell direction is just right, and even then only when the backwash and cross waves cooperate.

Watch this funny clip.

The “double” part is at the very end.  Hard to see from this angle.

Not really impressive, but fun all the same.

Happy hunting among the Crowd for one of these.




3 responses

5 08 2015

Nice wave and nice barrels. Way to go NLN.

9 12 2015

That was actually a barrel, I’m impressed !
I dont think they are hag rare out there, more often than that people dodge the barrel out there like the plague.

9 12 2015

Thanks. Just trying to emulate what I see Bane do on a regular basis.

Agreed. It’s that inside section. Sometimes you have to stall, then catch up. Sometimes, just catch up from takeoff. We’ll keep it our secret.

By the way, I owe you a public apology for the last wave we shared (euphemism). I thought I heard someone calling me onto that outside swinger A-frame from way up the line. After we banged boards and I got over the shock, I realized it was you calling me off. You must have been flying to make it that far that fast from that far back. I apologize. Peace to you and the family over the holidays! 🙂

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