Is Summer 2010 Over?

8 08 2010

When is cool not cool?  When it’s supposed to be hot.

Okay, so all the “weathercasters” (a new term for blond cuties and guys in $3,000 suits standing in front of weather charts on TV) agree, this has been the coolest summer on record for Southern California.  And, somehow everyone seems to be whining about it.  All while the southeast is suffering in 126-degree stifling heat (effective temp, when humidity is taken into account).

So, wazzup with the weather?

We can blame La Nina — the cooling of sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean along the equator and the opposite global wind pattern of El Nino.  Check out this map from the El Nino/Southern Oscillation discussion group of the NOAA.  It shows water temperature “anomalies,” that is departures from average temperatures.

Australia is the white shape at the lower left corner.  Central America is at the upper right.  The line marked EQ is the equator.  This is a moderate to strong La Nina.  In a moderate to strong El Nino, the blue is replaced with red and orange, and vice versa.  Go to the NOAA ENSO site for more info.

Then, here is an SST (sea surface temperature) map from Surfline’s Hurricanetrak.  The only warm water is off Central America.  The water even gets cooler toward the equator.  Guess we won’t be seeing any hurricane surf this year.  Usually, the entire ocean west of Central America is a dark red this time of year.   Also, notice all the red in the Gulf of Mexico, where they are predicting an unusually heavy hurricane season this year.

Source: Surfline Hurricanetrak - August 3, 2010

The other day, out at Uppers, it even felt like Fall.  The water was cool, the wind was offshore and dry.  The only thing that told us it was still summer was the crowd.

Better start looking for those 5/4’s, booties, gloves, and hoods.  Summer is over!