Red by Day; Blue by Night

29 09 2011

Sounds like some new breed of shape-shifting politician.  But that is not the subject here.

Red Tide by Day -- Source:

Have you noticed all the red tide that showed up about a month ago?  It’s all those pesky little dinoflagellates that hang out in the surf zone and sometimes a little further out.  We won’t be going into a microbiology lesson in this post.  We are really here to marvel at what happens at night.

The San Diego Union-Tribune published some photos that show what happens.  At night,  the protists all turn left in unison and explode in a bioluminescent cloud of blue light.  Check out this photo from Torrey Pines the other night.

Blue by Night -- Source:

For more dazzling pic’s, here is the link to the Union-Tribune article.

Just enough light to open up night surfing to the masses.  We may need to start up Trestles Surf Crowd at Night.

I just realized this may be just what we need in Sacramento and DC.  The dinoflagellates can show our stuck-in-reverse ideologues how to change colors from time to time to get some real work done.