Worst Trestles Summer in Years!

26 09 2017

It’s a good thing there has been plenty of work for members of the Crowd this summer, because the surf was sparse at best.

This is what the Surfline forecasts have looked like for the last several days; not much different from Lake Superior.  Not exactly blazing into the Fall!

bad forecast

We just never really got what most of us would consider a classic Trestles swell.  Most of the waves came in too steep from the South or South Southeast, so they were either lumpy or walled.  They were also pretty fat, carrying a lot of water and backing off.

Size wise, they never really got very much overhead.

Don’t get me wrong, we all got some surf, but just never really got the heart pumping; only a few days that required a beefy lunch after surfing or a long afternoon nap.

I think the pro’s were a little disappointed too.  The Hurley Pro and Swatch Pro leaders had to squirm their way through rounds of waist to shoulder high mushers.  In the end, Felipe Toledo pulled it out with some impressive low energy snaps.

Well, let’s hope for some North Pac storm activity.  October is usually good for some West to North swells.  And, there are always waves on Thanksgiving–it’s just how it is.

Maybe the new La Nina will bring some ferocity to the game.



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