Yoga and Surfing

26 01 2015

Okay, so it looks more like a header from a severe lip launch a little too close to the beach.

Pre-surf Headstand

Pre-surf Headstand

A lot of surfers have found that yoga is an incredible complementary activity for surfing.  It maintains flexibility and core strength, even for old guys.

Yoga is also a great mental preparation for dealing with The Crowd.

A headstand after stretching and before you paddle out helps get you centered for the sociological interplay in the water.  It also prepares you to relax when you get dragged to the bottom on a big wave and you’re not sure which way is up.

When you combine yoga with swimming or a cross-fit routine, you are ready to hit the rising surf without missing a beat, even when the waves have been flat for a long time.

So give it a try at your local yoga studio.





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