Trestles Forecast — September 18 to 24, 2011

15 09 2011

It’s gotta be good next week.  That’s it. . . . . . .

How do I know?  Because the Hurley Pro is coming to town.

Our view from the beach.

It seems like whenever we are just getting into the Fall wave groove, the Hurley (formerly Boost Mobile) Pro grandstands and tents show up on the beach and we are all shooed out of the water.  And, it seems like some of the best waves of the season show up about the same time.  The Pro has a knack for picking the right dates.

So, next week hang up your wetsuit, bag up your board and put it on the garage rack, and come on down to the circus.  It’s always fun for some photos, freebies, and lots of “interesting” people.

If you really want to surf, get out there early to avoid the crowds and the heat horns.

Go Kelly — 11 is  a nice prime number.





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