COMM 435 — Opinion Writing

15 09 2011

It’s that time again — Fall Opinion Writing at Cal State Fullerton with Professor Steve Scauzillo.

It’s all about finding your voice.  For those of you in COMM 435 this semester, find what you love and start writing.  The more you post, the more hits you’ll get.  It’s easy when it’s what you love.

It doesn’t hurt to shamelessly use key words that are novel or are in the news.

I started the Blob Fish Page because I was getting almost 1,000 hits a day for the blob fish photo I posted one day.  Check it out.

After the tsunami, I wrote a couple posts about how it impacted Orange County.  That one caught a lot of attention too.

Have fun, but start writing and writing some more.

Another Voice




One response

26 01 2012
steve scauzillo

I just saw this homage to comm. 435. Fantastic. Thanks for thinking of me, us. And tomorrow I start my 6th year teach at CSUF. And you guessed it, I’ll be showing my students your blog as a positive example. Thanks, man. Hope you are well.

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