Bear Count in the Sierra Nevada

25 08 2010

Big fat zero!

We never got a chance to practice a little taekwando with lions, tigers or bears, but we know they were scared of us.  Just look what the bears left behind—–bear scat (excrement or another “s” word).

Bear scat -- note size and content (berry seeds)

So, why is this post in a surfing blog about Trestles?

The Human Trees

Trestles Surf Crowd believes that surfers are educated and intensely concerned about all the environmental issues related to the water we surf in.  Watersheds provide the water that comes down our creeks, like San Mateo Creek, and brings the sand down to our beaches.  So, it is important to go to the top of the watersheds and work our way down to the beach to make sure they are healthy and productive.

Over the next few weeks, between beach reports, we will report on one High Sierra watershed, providing info on some of the environmental issues we face in safeguarding our precious watersheds.

On the subject of large creatures, check out these super-tall humanoids we ran across.  We had to work undercover so we only caught their silhouettes.

They said something about looking for new “sticks.”   Maybe we’ll see them in the water soon.



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