Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro This Week–A Different Expression Session

1 05 2010

Some bad news and some good news.

The contest moves in on Tuesday.   (  That’s the bad news–not too bad.  Just means the Lowers Crowd will need to share some water time.  Shouldn’t be too bad for Uppers; just some out-of-town visitors.  As Tim Elsner says, surf early!

The good news is that Nike 6.0’s Safe Trestles contestants get to unveil their design submissions.  So, even if the surf doesn’t show, it’s still a great opportunity to let your mind wander a bit, following some of the creativity that is sure to spark some great ideas.  Here’s an example:

Check out the incredible jury (  Some I know personally; others only by reputation.  I think we can trust their judgment to protect our sacred place.

The other good news is that Nike 6.0 is trying to be sensitive to the special nature of Trestles.  Nice to know they aren’t just air-dropping in, closing the beach, leaving their trash, and posting the results.  Thanks Nike 6.0.




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