Rollin’ Surfer Style

22 04 2010

Classic Ride

Surfer cars have always been a little quirky; we like it that way and so does everyone else.

You don’t see many flashy muscle cars flying down the freeway, doin’ 90 with surfboards strapped on top.

No, more often than not you see some old beater, jammed with boards, wetsuits and people, grinding gears trying to keep up with the minimum speed limit in the slow lane.

Vintage '67 VW Squareback

That’s the way surfers like it.  It comes from the rebel or anti-conformist mentality most surfers relish.  The more other people sneer and laugh, the greater the sense of accomplishment we feel. We paddle against the wave of popular fads and drop into our own groove.  What’s funny is that society ends up trying to emulate the very anti-social styles we fall back on.

Cars may be the only exception.  For instance, Volkswagen Squarebacks never really took off with anyone but surfers, penny pinchers, and struggling single moms.  Yet, in the ’70s Squarebacks, and their cousin the VW Microbus, were the rides of choice for surfers.

2003 F150 Supercrew ManTruck

Aside from the earlier part of this decade, when even surfers got sucked into the vortex of excess, surfers have generally chosen their cars based on low key image, good mileage, and practicality.  Not sure how we all ended up with super trucks for those few years.

All that to say surfers are back to their practical roots.  Now, we choose from Toyota Prius’, Honda Fits, Mazda 3’s, Scion XB’s, Honda Elements, and a wide variety of economy sedans.  Just because we can buy expensive, oversized cars and trucks doesn’t mean we should.  So, we don’t.

Again, surfers are taking the lead on style, unintentionally.  Small, fuel efficient, low emissions.  That’s the next big wave of riding in style, surfer style that is.  The world will follow—maybe.

Right Sized for Carrying Surfer and Surfboard




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