Beaver Photos from the Source

5 04 2010

Johnny Howenstine is a surfer’s surfer.  He lives and breathes surfing.  And, he knows Trestles about as well as anyone can.

Wouldn’t you know he’s the one who first found the beaver that was found back in early February.   According to Johnny, these are shots of  “a very tired beaver.  I took the shots at Uppers right after the big storm a while ago. . . .Eventually the lifeguard came by and picked the beaver up.  But , it is by far the first sighting of a beaver I have ever seen down there since 83.”  And, he would know.

If you look closely, you can see the beaver’s eyes were still open at this point.   Too bad Bucky couldn’t muster more energy.

If beavers could vote, how do you think he would vote on the tollroad?




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