A Surf Blog Has to Have Surf Photos!

29 03 2010

TSC.COM – “So David,  have you checked out my blog yet?”

David – “Yeah, didn’t you say it was something like Trestles Surf Crowd.com or something like that?”

TSC.COM – “Right, that’s it.   What do you think?”

David – “I think I must have had the wrong site, the one I was looking at had a bunch of junk about water and creeks and stuff.  It didn’t have any surf photos or anything.”

In honor of David:

This video, produced by jpsproductions405, was shot on July 24, 2009, one of the biggest days in 2009.  It’s the swell I totally missed while backpacking at 12,000 feet.  Remember those videos of the SUP’s surfing The Wedge?  It was that swell.

It’s too painful for me to watch what I missed, but I hope you enjoy it.

Thank David for this one.

If you have Trestles surf photos that you think would be good for others, zap us a line at kahuna@trestlessurfcrowd.com.  This site is for you and the rest of the Crowd.




2 responses

8 04 2010

Nice, here’s the video I shot that day.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLxhN_g-h9E

So much fun out there!!

9 04 2010

Thanks for sharing. We like the perspective. Now, I’m kicking myself again for missing it.

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