Hoodies Are Hot! Cool?

22 11 2009

Okay, so Trestles is not exactly at the same latitude as Norway, but cold water is a relative thing.

So, what is with all the hoodies in the water?  The water was 63 degrees this morning, but it may as well have been Santa Cruz or points north.   Full disclosure–I was one of the culprits.  I had the 2 mil hood, the gloves, the booties, and the 4/3 fullsuit on.  I felt like Michelin tire man and I surfed just like him.

My friend, and mechanic, Buzz is from South Africa.  He’s been here for years but I think the beaches of Durban are in his blood.  In fact, he’s on his way back down there over the holidays.  He said he hasn’t surfed much since moving to California, because the water is too cold.  Whenever I hear that it sends a shot of warm water envy through my veins.  What would it be like to grow up thinking Trestles water is too cold to surf?  So, “cold water” is really just an issue of relativity.

Back to the hoodies.

Is it just me, or are there more than our fair share of hoods in the water?  Is that due to an aging surf clientele, better wetsuit availability, or are we just on to a new fashion statement before everyone else?

With all that said, I know the answer—it’s the offshore wind.  Trestles is at the bottom of a valley that extends all the way into the Ortega Mountains (Cleveland National Forest).  Most days of the year, the offshore winds funnel down the valley and collide with the ocean at Trestles.  In the winter time, that wind is really cold.  So, at daybreak (the only legitimate time to surf in my mind), 63-degree water can feel like 53-degree water.

So, next time you join the Crowd this winter, make sure you bring your 4/3 and your hood.  You’ll fit right in.




2 responses

4 12 2009

I am one of the “hooded ones”. Tim

4 12 2009

Yes–we know who you are. Thanks stopping by.

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