Bolsa Chica — The Northern San Onofre

11 11 2009

Here’s a great destination for Crowd surfers on a Great Recession budget — Bolsa Chica State Beach.

bolsa chica

Just where is Bolsa Chica?

Bolsa has a reputation similar to Old Man’s, though I would argue the waves are a bit quirkier.   Bolsa is a very soulful place and at the same time the quintessential So Cal “let’s go to the beach” place to go. 

It’s the northern destination for the woody/longboard set.  You can pack up the family, the dog, the bar-b, and all your surf tunes and head for a day at the beach.  [Actually, not sure about the dog, but Dog Beach is nearby if you just can’t leave Spike behind.]

My professor, Steve Scauzillo passed on this link from his rockin’ surfer boss Larry Wilson.

They are photos of Harbour Surf Day at Bolsa on Saturday, November 7.    Looks like a lot of fun.  They seem to have gotten the last swell better than Trestles.  Nobody’s killin’ it, but it looks pretty close to longboard Nirvana.

You might want to browse other photos on the website while you’re there. 

So, all you Crowd members, time to pack up the boards and wetsuits and head north.




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