Trestles Saved by Organized Surfers?

9 09 2009

Oxymoron–organized surfers .

In December 2008, the Republican Secretary of Commerce declared the tollroad dead.  Amazing.  Somehow, a whole lot of surfers and a coalition of environmental groups were able to convince several public officials and agencies that the Highway 241 Tollroad should not be extended along San Mateo Creek, through Camp Pendleton and San Mateo State Park.

The California Coastal Commission had denied the extension.  The Secretary simply agreed with their decision, thereby pushing it to the courts, if the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) decides to further pursue the same road alignment.

I think TCA simply underestimated the intellect and common sense of surfers.  They thought surfers were being used by environmental groups, who they saw as the real “enemy.”  But, they didn’t really understand how independent surfers are.  It just happened that in this case the surfers had the same position as the environmentalists.

So, TCA brought out their best arsenal to take on the “enviro’s.”  In their competent professionalism, they dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s in their reports, analyses, and environmental documents.  But, surfers don’t care about such things.  They just want their waves.  In the end, TCA just couldn’t convince the surfers that the construction a 1/2 mile inland wouldn’t screw up the waves.  So, the surfers banded together (against their nature), young and old, rich and poor, local and distant traveler, Democrat and Republican,  to fight the tollroad.

Guess who won–the surfers!




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